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Wireless sensors and how they benefit IoT

It is estimated that there will be nearly 22 billion IoT devices by 2025. Extending internet connectivity to everyday objects will transform industries and create tremendous cost savings.

By enabling everyday objects to communicate wirelessly, we can automate data exchange and create new efficiencies that positively impact lives and organizations.

Underlying the IoT is wireless sensor technology, which allows us to collect information about surrounding environments over extended periods with little manual effort.

Wireless sensors can be configured to measure a variety of variables, from air temperature to vibration. Overall, there are many different types of wireless sensors available in the marketplace.

What are wireless sensors?

Wireless sensors get data about local conditions and share findings with other powerful components or platforms for further processing. Sensors are usually distributed across large geographic areas and programmed to communicate with central hubs, gateways, and servers.

How do wireless sensors benefit IoT?

Smart sensors serve three main purposes. Firstly, they provide greater visibility into existing processes and workflows, identifying items, locating them and determining their environmental conditions. As an example, smart sensors in industrial IoT environments can keep track of temperature and humidity, can log data for historical records and quality management, or can be used as triggers for alarms or process management in plants or warehouses.

Secondly, IoT sensors can be embedded into products to improve processes or the products themselves. In the manufacturing process, sensors can monitor, control and improve operations or be added to logistics to streamline how products are delivered. When embedded in devices, smart products can create new revenue possibilities.

Thirdly, the lower cost and more advanced capabilities of sensors enable wider and more effective use cases. The cost of physical sensors and RFID tags has dropped considerably, as have the costs of smart sensor software applications, connectivity options and deployments.

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