Smoke & Fire

Self-testing fire and smoke systems are very important when it comes to protecting property, personnel and stock in the event of fire. Our devices can send an alert to responsible employees enabling them to identify the fire’s location.


Our Flushing Units can be fully controlled remotely, giving you the ability to be reactive to site issues without the need to attend site. Giving superior Legionella Control. 

Emergency Lights

With our remote system you have full control and visibility of your lighting, accessible from anywhere in the world. The system is fitted with self-testing discharge units that report back to the cloud with live, accurate information that can be downloaded in logbook format.

Access Control

All sites, both large and small, need to ensure that their assets are protected at all times from unauthorised use, unrestricted access, theft and damage. Remote access control services provide that necessary protection around the clock for your peace of mind.

Leak Detection

Water leaks can start small and go unnoticed for a long time. Even the smallest amount of water can seep into the flooring or walls causing structural damage and/or mould. Our devices can help by detecting even smallest leaks and prevent major damage.

Fire Panel

Remotely monitored intruder systems and remote fire alarms provide your home or business with peace of mind protection against unwanted visitors and disaster.

Thermal Monitoring

Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing for a large variety of applications from building inspections, skin temperature screening, LV panel monitoring and much more.


CCTV Remote monitoring cameras uses an internet connection to send alerts directly to a named contact as soon as a movement is detected.

EV Charging

 When monitoring your EV chargers, you can be certain your vehicles are charged on time, as you will have full transparency. You will get insights into their status, charging rate and technical errors. This way you can act upon any implications as soon as they occur.

Asset Tracking

Whether your devices monitor vehicle fleets, locate containers, trace stolen goods, or detect changes to environments, IoT asset tracking provides the tools to improve efficiency in a wide range of industries.

Covid -19 cameras

Thermal imaging cameras translate heat into visible light to analyse surroundings. These cameras have the ability to aid Temperature Screening by detecting raised body temperatures within only one second.

Health Care

Remote patient monitoring refers to the use of technology to monitor patient health outside of a traditional clinical setting. It provides live health data such as blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs.

Equipment Monitoring

Remote Monitoring service can help to detect power and cooling problems, human error or malice, fire, leaks, excessive noise and air quality.

Lone Worker Protection

 Cost-effective solution to ensure safety and security around the clock for staff required to work alone or staff working offshore on large sites that are out of reach from others.

Temperature Monitoring

A refrigeration system with remote monitoring notifies you in real-time if the temperature of your chiller or cooler changes or if a door is left open on your refrigeration product.

Motion Control

Remote monitoring of motion control equipment can boost productivity as it allows for quick and proactive maintenance to maximize equipment uptime and increase equipment lifespan.

Data Center

Air Quality

Air quality device allows you to monitor real-time temperature, humidity, CO2, NO2, dust, noise and light quality, as well as their optimal values and, crucially, their potential impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Power Consumption

 Real-time analytics and visualization of power consumption telemetry, predictive calculation of electricity cost using the demand-based approach.

Light and UV

UV light detection through the use of a smartphone or a wearable device could be of great benefit to healthcare and aesthetic medicine. While the light sensors can be user calibrated for baselines of light and dark, and will provide a status of light presence. 

Outdoor Monitoring

Weather stations can be built weather stations to meet your particular requirements, supplied with tripods or masts, and solar power for long term remote installations.

Parking Management

From identifying potential causes of parking abuse to tracking the revenue generated by your different payment options, your car park holds a wealth of data that can help you plot the changes you need to make to optimise how your car park performs.

Data Centre

Data Centre Monitoring service covers all aspects of essential data centre infrastructure, including energy usage, power, UPS systems, generator sets, cooling, fire suppression, environmental and security monitoring.