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Military operations are renowned for precision and efficiency. Therefore, relying on older technology and manual processes makes it difficult to reflect the same level of performance.

The best way to achieve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that are critical to the success of these operations is to integrate automated, real-time asset management, tracking and maintenance systems that give total visibility and control.

Our specialist teams have an in depth understanding of maintaining the services of facilities that house our armed forces, their personnel, and the equipment allowing them to fulfill their duties, all with minimum disruption.

This includes security clearance and working practices for operational bases. Promptus Ltd have successfully completed many major projects in this sector.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have had, working in some of the most secure, top secret and prestigious environments in the UK, understanding exactly how to operate in such places.

Hear from some of our clients across various sectors

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"I am pleased to say that as a close partner of ours, Promptus Ltd's service and quality is always second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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