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Healthcare spaces are highly sensitive. We enable healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care possible. From critical care to private hospitals, Promptus' team are on hand to offer their experience at maintaining the specialist services required.

'Virtual wards' and remote monitoring solutions are proven to improve patient outcomes significantly, and increase capacity by reducing appointments and bringing greater efficiencies to staff.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver schemes in operational hospitals, enabling them to be transformed and enhanced without disruption to the patients, staff or visitors.

Working in all areas of the healthcare sector, from reception, to intensive care, different environments bring new challenges and our teams are very well versed in how to operate in all of them.

Hear from some of our clients across various sectors

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"I am pleased to say that as a close partner of ours, Promptus Ltd's service and quality is always second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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