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We work in a wide range of commercial areas, from office buildings to industrial units. Promptus Ltd’s extensive experience is called upon to help all industrial and commercially focused businesses throughout the country.

Because industrial and manufacturing units often span across various different buildings and sites, remote monitoring can aid employees significantly. A machine's real-time data is constantly accessible, allowing operators to track performance and see any fluctuations in readings such as pressure and emissions. We aim to work with our clients to produce a building that meets both their functional and their aesthetic requirements, keeping challenging areas safe.

The Industrial and Commercial sector has been challenging, yet very rewarding, seeing us deliver a multitude of projects in all corners of the UK.

Hear from some of our clients across various sectors

hospital corridor.jpg
"I am pleased to say that as a close partner of ours, Promptus Ltd's service and quality is always second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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