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Places like leisure centres, hotels, sports venues, theatres, and shops are areas where people go for an enjoyable experience and therefore safety, and comfort in the form of good lighting, ventilation and temperature are essential.

Due to the multi-purpose nature of leisure spaces, different climates are required for different areas to ensure customer and staff comfort. These areas can be heavily occupied or completely empty, meaning systems need to be adaptable to the situation. Promptus' teams understand these needs, and work closely with clients and partners alike to ensure that the building services are maintained to the highest of standards.

We thrive on working on the wide variety of projects within the leisure sector, always ensuring minimal to zero disruption to the often very active, challenging environments operated in.

Hear from some of our clients across various sectors

hospital corridor.jpg
"I am pleased to say that as a close partner of ours, Promptus Ltd's service and quality is always second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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