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REMO-TECH™ Air & Surface Cleanser

The REMO-TECH™ air & surface cleanser is an air purifier and a surface steriliser, designed to kill the viruses that cause COVID-19.

Designed by our onsite research and development team with patented technologies, the REMO-TECH™ air & surface cleanser draws air into its extraction vents which are designed to capture as many virus particles as possible.

The air then passes through a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter, trapping any larger contaminants, and finally through a high intensity UVC chamber, capable of delivering a dose of over 273.44 J/M3 - enough to neutralise even the most resilient coronaviruses studied.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lights are 99% proven to reduce the concentrations of airborne bacterial and fungal spores in the indoor environment. The circulation of air from a contaminated HVAC system can cause airborne pathogens to accumulate inside of your office building, medical or dental clinic, laboratory, hospital, and salon.

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