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REMO-TECH™ Air Purifier

The REMO-TECH™ air purifier is an innovative AI operated air purifier designed to kill the viruses that cause COVID-19. Designed by our onsite research and development team, the REMO-TECH™ air purifier is a patented, state of the art air purifier for any indoor environment.

Using enhanced UVC technology combined with powerful fans, the REMO-TECH™ air purifier neutralises airborne viruses and bacteria, delivering clean and sterile air to a room.

The REMO-TECH™ air purifier has a powerful ozone generator, which can be set to activate when a room is unoccupied, filling the environment with ozone gas. When the ozone comes in to contact with items and surfaces, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.

Real-time and historic data on airflow, air quality, and ozone sterilisation can also be viewed via Vigilate™ cloud platform.

Our REMO-TECH™ air purifier also contains a powerful sensor array that monitors Air Exchanges, Air Quality and UVC Dose. This information is displayed on the screen to give users extra peace of mind.

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