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Why Promptus Ltd?

We help businesses streamline and simplify duties, whilst saving money and becoming more sustainable in the process.

To summarise, we save businesses money, time, and hassle through the deployment of our IoT and Remote Monitoring solutions.


Our technology involves the placement of wireless sensors on or in systems that the client wishes to monitor and collect data from. For example, part of our Legionella Managment solution involves temperature sensors that are placed on water pipes to monitor the temperature of the water systems in real-time.


They can also be placed in certain areas of the working environment to collect key data that will help dictate long-term decision making.


We allow businesses to reach their goals faster and more cost effectively, by focussing their efforts and resourses only on what is important and what are the essential requirements, in a smarter method. By doing this, businesses can realise substancial and early ROI's. 

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Why we are different and how do we do it?

We are different, when compared to more traditional and generic IoT and Remote Monitoring solution providers.


Most providers that you come across will offer a solution that is not created by themselves, they are using an old system and badging it up as their own.

In comparison, our product is totally unique. It is our own patented product. This means the sensors, the wireless hubs and the portal are all 100% our own and not third party owned.


This allows us complete freedom to provide a number of benefits that we provide. 


The Benefits

Why many clients are opting to move to our solution, as opposed to older tradional methods:

Cost effective

Because our solution is our own, we can offer it at a much better rate than the majority of competitors.

Greater flexibility (open protocol)

By default, our system will be controlled remotely by our IoT experts. However, if required, because our system is open protocol, we can remotely allow clients to manage it themselves.

VPN tunnel

Our system and portal has it's very own secure encryption so any information being sent from sensors or hubs to the portal cannot be illegally obtained.

Bespoke connectivity

Whatever connectivity our clients require, we can deliver - whether it is WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, RF, we can accommodate all.

Less likely to fail

More traditional systems will have more failure points, ours only has one, meaning it is much less likely that break downs occur.

Avoid expensive call-outs

For example, DALI will require a specific DALI engineer to treat any faults, this can cost £600-1200. We avoid this cost as any electrician can work with our devices and technology. 

What next?

IoT and Remote Monitoring solutions combined, are a powerful and transformational technology that is changing the way businesses operate for the better.


By leveraging the power of IoT devices and sensors, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and improve their overall operational functionality.


Whether you are monitoring temperature, building systems, or assets, there is an IoT solution that can help you achieve your goals. So, don't wait any longer and start exploring the benefits of IoT and remote monitoring for your business today!

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Why Promptus?

Low Cost

You don't pay for any equipment costs, we supply and maintain all monitoring systems

Access Anywhere
Access our remote monitoring systems at anytime, from anywhere in the world

Easy to Use

With our easy to use interfaces, information and functionality is visible and easily accessible 

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant, whilst ensuring site safety and performance of systems remain at the optimal required levels

Secure 24/7

All data and reports remain safely stored and protected on our secure cloud-based portal

Access from any Device

Observe and monitor the performance off site on any device, including tablets or mobile phone

Live Notifications

Gain instant notifications relating to performance levels, as well as text, emails and page alerts

Real-time Data

We ensure real-time data monitoring of all systems, with real-time reports and analytics 


Exceptional accuracy when monitoring and/or adjusting elements of site performance

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