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We are pleased to have strengthened our ties with Emergency Lighting and LED solution experts, Z10 Safety.

The commitment to work more closely comes as the two companies combine to deliver a complete smart Emergency Lighting solution for any workplace.

With the Emergency Lighting remote monitoring service we have, we allow you complete access, control and visibility of all your Emergency Lighting luminaires.

We make them fully accessible from any device, whether that be your desktop computer or smartphone, at any time, and anywhere in the world.

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Z10 Safety have an almost 20 year background in manufacturing and supplying emergency lighting solutions with a simple goal that aligns with ours: providing reliable Emergency Lighting that guarantee's compliance, energy usage reduction, and cost saving solutions

Z10 Safety have been developing emergency lighting products for years, backed by rigorous laboratory testing procedures and Lighting Industry Association (LIA) approval. They offer emergency lighting solutions with a minimum 5-year warranty designed for every workplace.

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Handshake in the Office

Working together, to create a better working environment

Z10 Safety and Promptus Ltd, have joined forces to deliver the ultimate emergency lighting solution.


The partnership allows both companies to offer more powerful results than before by combining Z10 Safety's lab-tested product range with Promptus Ltd's unique IoT  and Remote Monitoring solutions.

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