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Woodland Trust


We are pleased to make the pledge that for every order we receive, Promptus will make a donation to the Woodland Trust, beginning in 2023.

Not only do our services focus on streamlining business operations and cutting carbon emissions, we also commit to supporting the environment around us on various scales. 


As the figure on the left shows, the UK is already one of the least wooded countries in Europe.

We have seen shocking statistics that come from this:

  • 53% of all species that depend on woodland, such as dormice and stag beetles, declined in number between 1970 and 2013

  • Woodland butterfly numbers are down 51% since 1991

  • A 20% fall in woodland bird numbers has occurred since 1970

Woodland Trust are the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. They fight to protect woods and trees, preventing the loss of irreplaceable habitats. WT care for over 1000 woods in the UK, and bring damaged ancient woods back to life.

Below are their main aims outlined:

Combating climate change

Woodland Trust help mitigate organisation’s unavoidable carbon emissions by planting trees here in the UK. Every year they work with partners to plant millions of trees across the country, both on their estate and on private land. Each tree planted grows into a vital carbon store, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Combating climate change isn't just about planting trees though. Partners also help us look after the existing woodland across the UK. These woods absorb hundreds of tonnes of carbon each year. Ensuring they continue to do so is vital.

Green Forest

Improving health and wellbeing

Woods and trees are good for our health. WT work with partners to plant and protect the green spaces that we all need. Whether it's getting staff out planting or providing trees to local communities, they aim to ensure more people enjoy the benefits of the natural world.

Boosting biodiversity

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Woodland Trust work with partners to protect the precious wildlife habitat that remains and plant the trees needed to create new homes for creatures big and small.

Promptus Ltd joins Made in Britain's Green Growth Program

As part of our journey to improve the sustainability of both the business and the products we supply, Promptus Ltd have joined the Made in Britain Green Growth programme.

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