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Promptus Ltd Dashboard

View, customise and analyse data from all of your devices.

The Promptus Ltd Dashboard gives the user a vast array of data from site, and alerts when they need to take action as soon as possible. With instant access to current and historical data, users can optimise performance within the building, ensuring the responsible duty holder provides a safe and healthy environment for all those who enter the premises. ​

Public Dashboard 

Display your all-in-one Vigilate™ portal for your employees and customers where you can showcase real-time business dashboard information, accessible anywhere and anytime. 

Customisable and flexible public display works for all display formats. Simply share the link to allow your team, engineers, or vistors to see live information remotely before they arrive.



Control over every aspect.

Get an overview of all sites, floors, and locations in one place.

Receive automated alerts sent to the necessary individual should an issue occur.


Current and historical data available 24/7.


Fully Automated Vigilate™ software will notify responsible personnel with any incidents that occur during critical time and notify accordingly.

Dig deeper into your data to observe trends, compare current values with past measurements, and identify incidents that correspond with activities.

Data Analysis
Remo-Tech Devices


View your data your preferred way.

Change filters to only receive the necessary data, so the dashboard fits your preference.

Flexible, easy to use dashboard can be changed for your specific needs with our developer team ready to help.


Optimise the performance of a facility.


Look into occupancy patterns of the space to decide the optimal times for carrying out work on site, and receive clear indicators when action is needed.

Optimise Performance
data sheet


Quickly distribute data to the necessary person.


Generate custom automated reports to share with individuals in the business.

Reports allows you to demonstrate proof of work and stay compliant, with all this information backlogged.

The Promptus Ltd dashboard allows for long range data extraction. This means that devices can be distributed around a large facility, whilst maintaining strong connections. 

Long range data
Revewing Graphs

Generate Reports

Get detailed information of the condition of facilities from sensors to easily identify trends or any risks. 

Data Processing

Observe Occupancy

Analysing data can help identify usage patterns.

Support Call

Multiple Users

Authorised users in the business can access data from any device with WiFi.

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