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Compliance testing and monitoring is constantly being automated further. Hands on, in-house testing and monitoring take up time and resources, and involve the chance of human error occuring, resulting in non-compliance.

Automated Legionella Compliance System

Traditional Legionella risk assessments are important, but time-consuming. Manually testing means running all taps for two minutes and recording the temperature, which is a significant cost in resources and management. The records must be stored for years and the test regime will run indefinitely.

After extensive R&D, Promptus have developed an automatic flushing and temperature testing Remo-Tech device that can be monitored and controlled on your device.

The system removes human error from the testing and automatically logs the records.


Removes manual work and human error

Informs decision-making

Automated compliance

Meets all health and safety requirements

Avoid potential Legionella infection

Fire Safety Compliance Testing

Responsibility for fire safety in the building in the past has involved time-consuming manual testing and checking of fire extinguishers, alarms, doors, and more. With our Vigilate Cloud and Dashboard, the user can automatically manage entire estates at the touch of a button, benefitting from real-time monitoring of fire safety assets.

By installing smart tags and sensors on fire safety equipment, the condition will be monitored in real-time. Alerts are sent if a unit is faulty or tampered with. Our smart fire alarm systems enable you to receive real-time smoke and fire alerts on your device so that you can take action in case of an emergency.


With our emergency lighting remote monitoring service we have, and allow the user, complete access, control and visibility of all your emergency lighting luminaires from any device set up.

Fire compliance

With Promptus Ltd, automating these processes can ensure compliance with real-time testing, monitoring and reporting, all of this automatically updated and stored on our dashboard.

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