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Sunset Harvest


Promptus Ltd provide smart Agricultural solutions, such as security and herd management, to help monitor farm sites and assets like tools, fuel and livestock, in real time through our secure Dashboard.


With remote monitoring of assets, access areas, livestock and staff, animal and crop disease can be detected early, and any lost or stolen equipment can be recovered. We aim to provide agricultural businesses with extra peace of mind.

Rural Machinery & Livestock Security


Protect staff, assets, and secure entire estates, without disrupting daily routines.

Our dashboard provides a complete overview and total control of farm assets: who is visiting, where your workers are located, as well as the health and security of your livestock. It is cost-effective and easily scalable.


Secure the area, outbuildings and farmhouse


Combat organised rural crime and recover stolen assets fast, with a trail of evidence


Control site access for staff and visitors


Motion tags for access ways which can be linked to CCTV


Tracking of all valuable assets, with daily audits

Safety Monitoring

Promptus smart sensors give you real-time data on variable factors such as temperature, toxicity, unauthorised entry and more. Check temperatures and airflow in enclosures, like coops and barns, to ensure livestock well-being.

Agricultural safety

Agricultural businesses that can prove they are utilising effective remote management methods save an average of 10% on insurance premiums.

This is due to the risk from factors like theft, livestock and crop disease being significantly reduced when remote monitoring tools are employed. When steps like this are taken to mitigate risk, lower insurance premiums are inevitable.

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