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Our smart food monitoring and tracking solutions use wireless, sim-free sensors and tags to give our clients real-time visibility on the status of their products and equipment. Wireless and battery-powered, our Remo-Tech devices will last for over three years per battery. They can be mounted in seconds, requiring no wires or mains power source.

Food Safety

Producing, transporting and storing food safely maintains compliance and ensures that high-quality products reach the end consumer. Our smart sensors allow users to monitor and manage changes in the temperature and humidity levels of their chosen environment in real time.


With automatic, constant monitoring, our food temperature cold chain monitoring sensors will help your business follow food safety guidelines and provide evidence of compliance.

Food safety

Monitor food safety data points in real time

Ensure active cold chain management

Act quickly on any potential issues

Prevent waste

Access automatically-created temperature logs on your tailored dashboard

Food Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Monitor and manage the temperature and humidity levels of your chosen environment in real time and ensure you are keeping to food safety procedures and remaining compliant.

Our food temperature cold chain monitoring sensors will help businesses follow food safety guidelines with automatic and consistent monitoring of temperatures.

With real-time temperature tracking, our sensors allow our clients to closely monitor food safety data points, so staff can act quickly on any potential issues, prevent waste and ensure active cold chain management. On the bespoke Dashboard, the client will be able to access automatically-created temperature logs.

Food monitoring

If a business deals in food, it is their responsibility to deliver high-quality products to the end consumer. The ability to do this directly depends on how the food is stored before it reaches the consumer’s basket. Maintaining adequate temperature and humidity levels can be achieved by properly monitoring your food service equipment at any time and from anywhere.


Our smart sensors and tags help you achieve high levels of food safety, improve traceability, cut down on waste and reduce the overall costs and risks across the many stages of the food supply chain.


With Promptus Ltd, automating these processes can ensure compliance with real-time testing, monitoring and reporting, all of this automatically updated and stored on our dashboard.

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