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Metal Pipe Network


Our versatile IoT utilities management solutions allow you to keep track of all of your consumption with up-to-date reports on anything in your building, from an entire floor right down to a single piece of machinery. Using cutting-edge IoT technology, we can feed information directly to your bespoke management Dashboard.


This allows you to observe behaviour at a micro-level across your building. From this data, you will be able to make smarter, more informed decisions about the energy output throughout your smart building.

Smart Utilities Reporting and Monitoring

The first step in achieving a greater understanding of your utilities portfolio is extracting accurate, real-time consumption data. Without knowing the economic implications and impact that utility management has within your company, you’re likely to miss the opportunity to monitor and ultimately reduce consumption expenses.


Increasing the visibility of utility consumption will provide a clear understanding of where expenditure on resources is allocated, allowing you to accurately identify opportunities to save.

Utilities Monitoring

Monitor and manage energy usage

Reduce costs and identify energy wastage

Conditional logic energy management


Reduce your carbon footprint

Reverse logistics help retrieve pallets and other empty storage containers

Smart Waste Services

We have extensive experience in advising and supporting businesses of all sizes and industries with their business waste requirements. No matter your business waste disposal needs, we can help you find an efficient and cost-effective waste management solution.

Smart Waste

With Promptus Ltd, automating these processes can ensure compliance with real-time testing, monitoring and reporting, all of this automatically updated and stored on our dashboard.

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