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3 Ways IoT Predictive Maintenance Can Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Manufacturers lose a lot of money due to unplanned downtime. Through Industrial IoT predictive maintenance, facility and production managers can gain insight into unplanned downtime and warning signs, saving their companies money and headaches.

Unplanned downtime is a source of headaches for facilities managers around the world. it’s never a good thing when production unexpectedly halts. On top of the cost of repairs is the loss of man-hours, raw materials and product, and it’s estimated that unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers $50 billion each year. What’s the best way to avoid unplanned downtime?

Industrial IoT (IIoT), a wireless network of smart sensors and connected devices which captures data insights near the production line and throughout the facility, can help identify when and where there are risks for unplanned downtime.

The best way to use IoT is through predictive maintenance. Many manufacturers determine when to do maintenance on production line equipment based on a machine’s specification guidelines. However, machines can run at different speeds and durations which the guidelines may not take into consideration. The maintenance schedule ends up being a loose estimate for when to perform service and puts you at risk for unplanned downtime.

Through a facility-wide IIoT solution, facility and production managers can schedule and perform preventative maintenance on key machinery. One of the ways this can be done is through vibration sensors which measure motor vibration frequency and temperature.

Once a potential problem is identified, maintenance can be scheduled during off-peak or non-active production times. The threat of unplanned downtime is prevented and production can carry on like normal.

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