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Air Quality in the workplace – the importance

Before we look into air quality in the workplace, we should first look at the current climate and what are the current expectations from people working in offices.

Firstly, due to the pandemic and the ramifications caused by it, there is a definite clearer understanding about workspace risk and because of this, the awareness of danger is heightened. People expect and want to be informed and sometimes involved in the processes of how you manage and mitigate all risks.

There are still ongoing challenges that were faced earlier in the pandemic that have not fully gone away. One of the main ones being the operational impact to workforces.

Let’s look at some of the main risks that people in the office now face:

- Breathing air exhaled by others

- Breathing harmful pollutants

- Sick building syndrome

- Touching contaminated surfaces

- Overly crowded spaces

So how can we combat this to achieve the below points?:

- Reduce sickness and improve wellbeing

- Manage risk

- Improve morale and build up productivity

- Implement the right form of technology

Our solution

We measure and monitor all risks to air quality in each area of the workplace to ensure all is as it should be in your premises. Using key data and analytics, learning how your spaces work to manage any potential risks that may occur. With this information we can then implement the best solutions for your unique site.

Ensuring that you remain aware and informed throughout the journey to cleaner surfaces and improved air quality in your workspace. Giving you peace of mind that your office is a safe space to work and breath in.

Learn more about our Air Quality solutions here.

We’d love to support you on your journey to enhancing and protecting your workplace, remotely - contact us today if you’d like to start that journey: | 01604 696113.


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