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Asset Tracking

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is used to track your physical assets, whether you scan barcode labels attached to them or you use GPS or RFID tags that broadcast their location.

Methods of Assset Tracking

Promptus Ltd's management software also enables organizations to schedule necessary maintenance/service, or even preventive maintenance. Complete asset tracking solutions include barcode technology, enabling organizations to scan their fixed assets to track them accurately and efficiently.

What are the benefits of Asset Tracking?

The benefits of asset tracking are numerous, and nearly all contribute to a healthier bottom line for the organizations that properly implement effective asset management processes.

Below we look at some of the most beneficial advantages of employing asset tracking software:

  • Improve efficiency and trim costs

  • Quickly and easily locate assets at any time, and in real time

  • Lower administrative costs, since administrators do not need to track or locate assets manually

  • Improve customer service through improved asset tracking and management practices

  • Ensure accountability and accuracy with asset loss and management

  • Immediately know where your assets have been allocated

  • Increase the efficiency and organization of your company’s physical space by identifying which items are accessed together and creating a better structure of your physical system

  • Get real-time reports on the position of each asset and increase the accuracy of your asset management

We see ourselves as leaders in the field thanks to our on site research and development team. Should you require any more information or have any questions to ask please use the email below.

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