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Expansion triggers move to new premises for Promptus Ltd

Promptus Ltd has upgraded from its existing Northamptonshire premises, signing a five-year lease on a purpose built innovation centre.

The extra room will allow for inhibited expansion as well as reducing the companies carbon footprint, a key point in the ongoing battle to be greener.

Gary Buchan, Managing Director, said

“Our growth over the last year has meant we needed more space. Being able to move to a purpose built innovation centre will allow the research and development team to work on more projects, as well as allowing them opportunity to grow the services we provide”.

Ramunas, Head of Research and Development, said

“ As the business has grown, we saw a need to move to our own innovation centre with a new laboratory and offices, this will allow us to turn ideas into reality”.
“The new office gives us plenty of benefits, we work in an anti-static environment where all components are protected from damage”.
“We also are now able to have huge testing racks where we can test components and equipment to their extremes, reducing the risk of failure and analysing existing and new remote monitoring services”.
“The bigger office gives opportunity to expand our team even more and that will help us to reach time scales even quicker”.

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