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Smart workplaces, a fad or genuine worthwhile investment?

The consumerisation of IT has led us to expect more from office technology; changing workstyles are upon us whether from a location perspective or generational influence; the acceleration of technology means we are in a constant mode of change.

In addition, digital transformation is all around us and shaping our lives. Smart technology is not new: but it has fundamentally changed the way we do so many things.

A smart workplace is one in which employees can perform their tasks or work more efficiently by using smart devices. The trend is in high demand to improve the customer experience, methods of predictive maintenance and the general efficiency of processes.

The increasing adoption of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT and automation are expected to support the growth of the smart workplace market worldwide.

In a smart workplace, employees use a mobile or desktop application to book their desk, meeting room and on-floor storage, and check real-time availability as they move through their day.

Clever new application settings will connect these actions to someone’s personal agenda or team profile – for next level automated personalization. Digital tools support teams as they interact, share information and ideas, and work together on projects - even in a hybrid environment, when not all team members are based in the physical office.

Smart workplaces offer an unrivaled opportunity to benefit both business and employees, with a workplace strategy that’s backed-up, monitored and able to flex – all using data.

For many employees, smart workplace technology can make a positive difference in how they work, the opportunities and flexibility they experience, and it can add to an overall sense of workplace satisfaction.

As the saying goes - ‘time is money’. By implementing smart technology solutions, customised to a specific organisation, both employees and facilities can save time, and as a result the business can save money.

Small daily time savings per employee, magnify to massive savings, when multiplied across an organisation – so even small time-saving upgrades can create substantial profits.

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