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Temperature Monitoring and why it is critical

With the power of IoT, a central system can immediately receive a water systems temperature, thanks to sophisticated temperature monitoring and management software. This enables site managers to see the situation clearly right away and make wiser judgments. They can address problems considerably faster and use fewer resources for inspection and maintenance.

It has been demonstrated that having a good understanding of the present water temperature is a useful tool in the fight against bacteria such as Legionella, that live in water. Without monitoring temerpature, these bacteria's can thrive and an infection can spread if water temperatures go into the so-called danger zone. A legionnaires' disease outbreak in 2013 at a hospital resulted in two patients dying and the hospital in question being fined over £300k.

In the course of the litigation, it came to light that the hospital had been battling the disease for more than fifteen years and had spent more than £3m during that time. After the cleaning budget was decreased, the hearing discovered that shower heads and thermostatic valves had not been cleaned adequately.

It was also discovered that they likely failed in an attempt to regulate water temperature because they unintentionally heated cooler water. The temperature range between 20°C and 45°C allows for bacterial survival. The heating of pipes may have pushed cooler temperatures into this danger zone.

Ultimately, one simple factor, a lack of data, caused these issues, this because the water temperatures were not properly understood, leading to the issues not properly being resolved.

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