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The Green Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Facilities Managers

Remote monitoring boosts the environmental performance of buildings and enables facilities managers to implement effective sustainability programs.

Facilities managers can take advantage of remote occupancy monitoring to improve the green value of a site. Remote monitoring enables remote inspections. Remote inspections reduce the need for hands-on work, in many cases, data that would be otherwise gathered manually can be monitored and analyzed off-site improving a companys carbon footpriny by reducing site visits.

One way remote monitoring is beneficial to the environment is its ability to help reduce waste of any kind. The most notable way digital remote monitoring helps reduce waste is through remote temperature controls and monitoring systems.

As a facilites manager, it is your role to look at ways in which you can save money and improve your carbon footprint. Promptus Ltd remote monitoring can help you do both.


At Promptus Ltd we firmly believe in the green benefits of remote monitoring and the value they can have to a business and to a facilites manager. Remote monitoring enables companies to integrate information about many assets and processes, regardless of time and the location of the assets.

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