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The “Things” in IoT - what they mean

Heavy duty machinery, temperature sensors, and emergency lighting are just a few examples of the "things" that make up the burgeoning "Internet of Things" in the working environment.

When computers were first connected to the internet and then again with the advent of smartphones, the internet fundamentally altered the world. Imagine the possibilities once the other 99% of objects that are present in our daily lives, are linked.

You most likely have reasonable knowledge about how the internet operates. WHt you may not have too much knowledge around about is the "Internet of Things," sometimes known as "IoT," and how it is sparking the subsequent industrial revolution.

However, you might be wondering what "things" in the Internet of Things actually mean. What distinguishes these "things" from, say, an internet-connected laptop or smartphone?

What the "Things” means

The "things" in the Internet of Things can range from agricultural machinery (a tractor, an irrigation system, a drone), to the thermostat on your wall, to your "connected vehicle," to a freight container with a connected temperature sensor within it that sends information to a logistics coordinator.

Everything was disconnected in the distant past. Then the telephone appeared, allowing us to connect individuals and locations over distances of hundreds, then thousands.

Then, in addition to our voices, we began transmitting documents, photographs, movies, and other types of data over the line. But we couldn't stop with merely connecting devices to the internet, such as PC’s and smartphones. So why stop there? Our current focus is on connecting the countless additional items and locations we use for daily living and commercial operations to the internet so that we can gather information.

Even though it only really connected smartphones, personal computers, and business computers, the internet fundamentally altered the globe. Imagine the possibilities that arise when you connect the numerous additional "things" that we regularly interact with to the internet.

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