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These industries are benefitting from IoT - here’s how

In this new world, we are moving away from ordinary business models to those that provide cost-efficiency, increase sustainability and provide customers with bespoke experiences.

IoT has the potential to radically reshape industries and sectors. But to realise its full potential, many companies will have to look beyond their immediate business priorities and re-assess their entire product lifecycles.


IoT can help reduce the cost of medical services by controlling patients off-site, therefore reducing unnecessary visits with thorough data collection and management.

This can also help improve management in the healthcare industry by allowing therapists not to spend a lot of time preventing hospital infections, tracking supplies, and searching for drugs. This means a reduction in waste.


Intelligent IoT solutions help to avoid problems that may cause delays in the manufacturing process. IoT software for manufacturing can also optimise resource allocation and increase worker productivity and ability, resulting in increased production quality.

All this can be done by remotely monitoring all production equipment without entering the production premises.


By using IoT sensors, it is easier for farmers to make informed decisions and improve just about every area of their work – from livestock management to crop farming.

The agriculture industry can be one of the most benefitted sectors by using IoT. It is also an industry that always requires new technological development for its growth. Hence, it embraces IoT and uses it to maximise benefits.


It has only been in the last few years that financial institutions started to use this technology. The IoT makes it possible to gather information about customers’ spending habits and preferences at a much faster rate than before.

With the help of IoT-based solutions, financial institutions can provide a better range of services to their customers.

In summary, IoT can enable facilities to do several tasks such as controlling the room temperature and ventilation, predicting repairs and maintenance of devices, and automatically alerting maintenance staff on time.

The IoT also has the most potential for changing a company’s culture, moving them from a company that simply makes products to a company that offers personalised services.

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