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Using IoT remote compliance services to keep the workplace safe

The pandemic lead to a complete reassessment of the physical spaces that we enter, including the workplace. Staff and visitors are now more cautious than they ever were before regarding entering facilities that are not considered safe.

Both now and in the future, businesses will need to take new measures to ensure all aspects of safety, thankfully there are remote monitoring technologies that make this possible.

Smart buildings post pandemic

In the near future, people-centric health habits will be essential in our daily work and daily life and will be an important factor in the fight against COVID-19 as well as other potentially infectious diseases. With companies already developing COVID-19 preventative strategies that will inevitably incorporate technology-driven solutions.

In the future, businesses will need to rely more and more on real-time information and actionable dat, not just in relation to people entering an establishment, but also in regards to the safety of equipment and machinery to ensure optimimum levels of health and performance.

Lets get back to temperature monitoring...

Fever or just having a high temperature in general is a common symptom of covid, with this in mind some establsihments still have the requirement of measuring body temperature, post pandemic. Thermal temperature monitoring cameras are adaptable and can be set up at individual desks or placed at the entrance of your business.

When at the entrance, the camera will detect any irregularities in the body temeprature of people before entering, logging the captured data and alerting your security to any risk beforehand. Much like most of our covid prevention services This solution is scalable, and can be implemented in almost any working environment.

We’d love to support you on your journey to enhancing and protecting your workplace, remotely - contact us today if you’d like to start that journey: | 01604 696113.


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