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Why going smart is key to unlocking a net zero/green future

The key to unlocking a net-zero future is through transforming the way teams work through digitalisation.

Higher efficiency and more ambitious sustainability objectives are enabled today by technologies that provide real-time data to optimise and better automate processes and energy management.

A successful corporate sustainability strategy needs to be designed and implemented end to end if it is to deliver concrete results across the business and its ecosystem.

What can companies do to make them smart in heading towards a net zero future?

If we’re going to prevent a climate catastrophe it is vital that we reach the net zero carbon emissions target.

The only way we are going to do this is by generating more green energy and being much smarter about how we use it. The technologies we use to help monitor and control our energy consumption are set to play a critical role in the fight against climate change.

Installing a smart meter and monitoring it remotely is one of the ways to both save you money and improve your carbon footprint.

Smart meters lead to a more accurate view of exactly when energy is being used and where which means that energy suppliers and the grid will know in more detail how much energy to buy and sell.

Moving to a smart building

Smart buildings integrating a new generation of digital, automation and electrification technologies, will play a vital role in helping reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions, while improving comfort and productivity, to create a safer, more sustainable world.

Given the enormity of the climate challenge, and the huge carbon intensity of today’s built environment, we need to focus our efforts where we can make the biggest impact in the shortest time – with the aim of achieving both environmental targets and commercial futureproofing.

A smart building uses interconnected technologies to improve performance across key metrics such as energy management, water use, air conditioning, access, automation and lighting. Cloud-based, interoperable platforms allow lighting, heating and ventilation systems to integrate seamlessly with one other.

How can Promptus Ltd help?

Promptus Ltd allows clients to access all their data in one place, Vigilate™ - the secure online portal. Here users can view and download specific logbooks and oversee and manage different elements of site performance metrics, with live alerts and notifications whenever required. Our wireless Remo-Tech™ devices periodically capture the required data with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly to the cloud-based portal which logs all the key data and performance measurements.

The online cloud-based portal is available for users to login from wherever they are in the world, and historical data can be viewed at any time by the user.

Relevant personnel can be set to receive the required notification, via email, text, or phone call.

We'd love to support you in making your workplace "smart", get your FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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