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24/7. Bespoke.

Combine automated Emergency Light Testing and Legionella Compliance, earning ROI in a matter of months.







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Bespoke IoT & Remote Monitoring Services For Any Workplace or Facility

Our systems are more cost effective, significantly easier to maintain, and more accurate than manual programmes.

A full turn-key connectivity solution that will boost productivity and help future-proof your workplace. Promptus Ltd offer a one place for all solution, that both simplifies and revolutionises businesses functionalities and handling of safety procedures.

Promptus systems are entirely open protocol and can integrate with or replace with any existing process seamlessly.

All remotely, all the time.

What We Offer

Our solutions and products are 100% bespoke to whatever your requirement is.


Promptus supplies our own lights with devices installed, through our collaboration with Z10 Safety. Alternatively, our appliances can be implemented in any existing light fitting.


Our temperature sensors are installed in your water system, which monitor the performance of flushing programmes, as well as detecting any issues early.

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Our sensors allow us to optimise the quality and cleanliness of the air within any facility, 24/7. Promptus monitors metrics, allowing for reduced energy consumption.


We have further capabilities to suit almost every requirement, including access control and leak detection.

CE Certification
FC Certification
GCF Certification
PTCRB Certification
BT Certification
WiFi Certification
ROHS Certification
Reach Certification
EMI Certification
EMC Certification
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How it Works

Our solutions are entirely open protocol. This means that whatever current system you use, our system can either be integrated to work with it, or replace it completely, both with total flexibility and ease of use.

Data Collection: Dependent on your specific site requirements, our Remote Monitoring services allow for an abundance of data capturing. Whichever service you require, our REMO-TECH™ systems periodically capture the required information with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly. 

Manage: Our secure online cloud-based portal is available for users to log in from any device. Here, clients can manage and alter different elements of site alerts as well as control site systems, with automated reports scheduled and sent when appropriate. 

Access: As long as the user has an internet connection, they can access the portal from anywhere in the world. Details can be analysed, and the relevant personnel can receive the required notification via email, text, or call, providing a complete overview in their personalised Dashboard.

Powered all by Promptus

Our REMO-TECH™  devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Hardwired, periodically capture the required information.


Vigilate is the software behind our secure online cloud-based portal, responsible for safely storing all-important real-time and historical site performance data, as well as reports and logbooks too.

Explore Our Pricing Options

Promptus Ltd have a diverse product range, from offering pre-installed Emergency Light fittings to providing our patented PCB to manufacturers.

Stretch your payment with our financial support option

We've partnered with Crown Business Finance to help our business client's find the most feasible and cost effective method to purchase our services and products.

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Find out more now by selecting the link below to speak to an expert financial broker at our partner, Crown Business Finance.

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