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Combine automated Emergency Light Testing and Legionella Compliance, earning ROI in a matter of months

Our systems are more cost effective, significantly easier to maintain, and more accurate than manual programmes.

Our Solutions

Promptus supplies our own lights with devices installed, through our collaboration with Z10 Safety. Alternatively, our appliances can be implemented in any existing light fitting.

Our temperature sensors are installed in your water system, which monitor the performance of flushing programmes, as well as detecting any issues early.

Our sensors allow us to optimise the quality and cleanliness of the air within any facility, 24/7. Promptus monitors metrics, allowing for reduced energy consumption.

We have further capabilities to suit almost every requirement, including access control and leak detection.

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Why Promptus?

Low cost

You don't pay for any equipment costs, we supply and maintain all monitoring systems

Access anywhere

Access our remote monitoring systems at anytime, from anywhere in the world

Stay compliant

Stay compliant, whilst ensuring site safety and performance of systems remain at the optimal required levels

Secure 24/7

All data and reports remain safely stored and protected on our secure cloud-based portal


Gain instant notifications relating to performance levels, as well as text, emails and page alerts

Real-time data

We ensure real-time data monitoring of all systems, with real-time reports and analytics 

Easy to use

With our easy to use interfaces, information and functionality is visible and easily accessible 

Any device

Observe and monitor the performance off site on any device, including tablets or mobile phone


Exceptional accuracy when monitoring and/or adjusting elements of site performance

Powered by REMO-TECH™


Bespoke IoT & Remote Monitoring Services For Any Workplace

A full turn-key solution that will boost productivity and help future-proof your workplace. Promptus Ltd offer a one place for all solution, that both simplifies and revolutionises businesses functionalities and handling of safety procedures.

All remotely, all the time.

REMO-TECH™ is our patented technology, born out of extensive research and development. With REMO-TECH™ we created the systems that monitor and manage all aspects of site performance, such as legionella, emergency lights and air quality monitoring, to mention just a few of the many service capabilities.


Promptus Ltd's REMO-TECH™ technology is constantly adapting to work with all aspects of the modern-day workplace. It enables Promptus to become any business' exclusive performance control, monitoring, and management platform, all in one.

Completely bespoke solutions such as Retrofit lighting

ROI within months

Automated logbooks with reports and real-time alerts via email, text or call

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Our very own patented, in-house software

Live action, static graphics that are clear and understandable

The portal remains available at all times

Open Protocol (Bespoke capabilities) - the portal is built to match your exact requirements

Introducing Vigilate™ 


Derived from Latin – meaning:

to supervise, to monitor, to guard, to keep watch, to look out. 


Vigilate™ is the software behind our secure online cloud-based portal, responsible for safely storing all-important real-time and historical site performance data, as well as reports and logbooks too.

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Compliant, Energy Efficient, Always Available


Promptus Ltd are happy to be partnering with Emergency Lighting and LED solution experts, Z10 Safety. The collaboration comes as the two companies commit to delivering a complete smart Emergency Lighting solution for any workplace.

Our focus is on providing energy efficient and “clean green” technology solutions for organisations that are environmentally and energy consumption conscious.


Our devices cut out the need for regular site visits, and the increased visibility of your systems reduces waste.

Reducing carbon from your operations will pose some different challenges and the measures required will always differ for unique types of companies.

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154 trips

1052 hours

25 tonnes

£100K +

Site visits reduced
Time on site saved
Carbon reduced (CO₂)
Money saved

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Promptus Ltd - featured in the Electrical Times

Promptus Ltd - electrical times article

Keeping your data protected

Cyber security is a critical element of what we must ensure at all times as an IoT and remote monitoring solutions provider.

We take the necessary steps with encryption to ensure that any of our devices with data connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) network, are protected against any possible cyber threats.

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