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Promptus Ltd Wins Innovation & Excellence Award

We are proud to inform you that Promptus Ltd has been selected as the recipient of the "Energy Management Specialists of the Year" award in the recently concluded Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022.

This recognition is undoubtedly a massive boost to our entire team as it serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional remote monitoring products and services to our clients.

About Promptus Ltd

Founded in 2017, Promptus Ltd is an all encompassing, all purpose hub of sorts, with the one sole function of keeping a site safe and or performing to its optimal level, ensuring this remotely.

Our service enables us to group all aspects of remote monitoring services into one secure, easy to manage, online portal.

What makes Promptus Ltd Unique?

Promptus Ltd allows clients to access all their data in one place, Vigilate™ - the secure online portal. Here users can view and download specific logbooks and oversee and manage different elements of site performance metrics, with live alerts and notifications whenever required. Our wireless Remo-Tech™ devices periodically capture the required data with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly to the cloud based portal which logs all the key data and performance measurements.

The online cloud based portal is available for users to login from wherever they are in the world, and historical data can be viewed at any time by the user. Relevant personnel can be set to receive the required notification, via email, text, or phone call.

Let Us Provide you with Our Award-Winning Products and Services!

At Promptus Ltd we are confident that once people become more comfortable with remote monitoring and remote condition monitoring technology, we'll to see it integrated into more and more remote and offshore sites at a much greater pace and scale.

We see ourselves as leaders in the field thanks to our on site research and development team. Should you require any more information or have any questions to ask please use the email below.

Get a FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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